Why we’re like starlings – and why Systemic Constellations are so powerful

150705 Auklet_flock_Shumagins_1986Have you ever seen the starlings getting together on a cold evening?

They fly in beautiful formations.

A dance in the sky.

Have you wondered how this works?

How do they know when to turn?

It happens so fast.

It can’t be done with ‘verbal’ communication. One bird twittering where to go? They’re all twittering at the same time!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The phenomena is called ‘the field’ – every bird has a field of energy around it, and is part of the bigger field of the flock.

A field has information. That’s what each bird picks up. That’s what tells the individual bird where to fly.

We humans have the same.

Take for example the magic of expert tango or samba dancing. Turns and forms happen without speaking.

The field also runs through our families, organisations and communities.

Sometimes however, there are unhealthy dynamics in such fields – and we take wrong turns.

Don’t worry, this can be healed – with Systemic and Family Constellations.

The next workshop will be in Alice Springs end of October 2015.

It would be great to see you there.

Here is what previous participants had to say:

“This work is a subtle but powerful healing tool.”

Alex Toyne, Artist and Meditation Student

“I see the bigger picture of life and situations more of the time. I feel more accepting of how things are but also more able to see where movement and change could happen.”

Meredith Davies, Movement Facilitator

“Through Constellation work I’m again and again reminded how every member of a system has a rightful place; a place of belonging.”

Madhuma Thompson-Ramsey, 5Rhythms Dance Instructor

“I love the way this work ripples out into so many areas. I’d love to see it spread more because it could help so many more people.”

Jason Trevers, Massage Therapist

And if you are coming from further away, we can point you in the right direction for accommodation, or just search Air B&B for Mullumbimby.

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