Life’s too short to be miserable

150724 Preeti HelenaOr, ‘life’s too short to be cold’.

It’s Winter here. So, if you are also in the Southern hemisphere, stay warm. Put warm cloths on and heat your house.

Or, ‘life’s too short to drink bad wine’.

So, if you like a glass of wine now and again, make sure it’s a good one – one you like the taste of, and that doesn’t give you a headache the next morning.

You could doubtless list many more examples here.

Sometimes we think we have eternity on our hands.

We abuse our bodies – let ourselves be treated disrespectfully,

And we don’t do anything about it.

But in the scheme of things our life is but a tiny dot in time and space.

Planet Earth is billions of years old.

The oldest continuous culture on this planet is 60,000 years old.

From this perspective our life is very short.

Yet it can feel so long.

But this is only when we’re not happy.

For example, we do a job that is not right for us.

Then, each day feels like an eternity.

Day in, day out, this is painful – we cut off from your feelings.

But it’s up to us how we respond to such situations.

Life really is too short to be miserable.

Often it is possible to change our situation – and if so, it’s our responsibility to do it.

Sometimes it is not possible. We don’t have control over everything that happens to us. We can only control our response.

We really can be happy.

It’s a holistic thing.

There can be sweetness in sadness – contentment in any situation.

Of course there can be upheavals and setbacks in life.

Maybe we  get bullied. It really can get tough.

We struggle to maintain our inner equilibrium – gather the courage to do something about it.

But there is help out there.

That’s why I created the ‘Build Resilience – Bounce Back’ program.

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