“One day I have the courage to visit with you”

Devel's Marbles, Northern Territory, AustraliaA reader wrote to me recently:

“I did miss your emails of inspiration and thoughtfulness – thank you!”

It’s this that inspires me to continue writing these emails – why I came back after the lapse.

To sit down again and share my thoughts with you.

Hopefully, to give you some insights and inspiration in your journey.

In her next email the reader continued:

“One day I have the courage to visit with you.”

This touched a chord in me.

It says beautifully in a few words the essence of what these emails are about.

You might be wanting to work with someone. Feel the need for help.

But don’t know where to go…

So these emails are for you to get to know me a little bit.

That I’m like you.

Like anyone really, who has acquired some skills along the way to deal with life’s challenges – to help others when they’re stuck.

Living a meaningful life, changing and working on ourselves takes courage.

So the purpose of these emails is to build trust.

The trust that might one day help you have the courage to take that first step and pick up the phone, or send an email, to book a session with me.