A butterfly flaps its wings…

150411 road trainA rude awakening – at 5 am a road train comes roaring into life.

Many others follow, through what I thought was a quiet side street.

We’re on our way to a National Park. It’s one-and-a-half days drive from the coast.

A beautiful place in ‘the middle of nowhere’.

After driving for hours through dry outback – a gorge with palms.

The nearest settlement used to be a sleepy hamlet. The last 100 km of the route a gravel road.

Not so anymore.

The mining industry is moving in.

Roads are built around the clock. Fibreglass shanty towns for the workers. The money is good.

Meanwhile the gorge hasn’t changed.

Many more people visit of course – to find refuge from an overly busy world.

There are better roads for everybody, too.

However, access gets restricted with rules – to keep the pristine nature.

What can we learn from this?

Everything we do has a ripple effect throughout our surroundings.

Like the proverbial butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon – causing a storm in Africa…

We are not alone. On the contrary, we’re embedded in human systems of our family, our organisation, our community, the world at large.

So, while we follow our goals and focus on developing ourselves, we also need to be clear about the impact our actions have on our environment.

Which includes not just the physical – but also the emotional, cultural and spiritual.

So that our children also have a chance to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Not sure how that all spans out with what you want to do?

The impact your change could create?

It helps to talk with someone that can hold the space for you to explore all options in a safe environment.

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Enjoy the ride – whatever it will be.