The most important step in turning dreams into reality

150318 setting offBeen quiet for a while.

Transferring the contents of a four bedroom house into a couple of small self storage units, a camper trailer and a car was quite a task.

But we made it – we’re living on the road!

Working too.

Some people say we’re ‘living the dream’.

We say that our vision of living and working from wherever we are, has become reality.

It works.

I’ve already given a couple of sessions while camping on the banks of the Murray river.

You too can turn your dream into reality.

By making a decision. 

This is the most important step.

The decision turns the dream into a vision.

Unexpected events, and help, will come your way.

Like in our case. One week after making our decision, the owners announced their decision to sell the property we were renting.

Or, like a client who, after four agonising years, made the decision to ‘turn the tap off’.

His dream to travel, and find out what he really wants to do, has turned into a vision.

This gave him the courage to start taking steps.

Systemic Constellations helped him make his decision; revealing what was holding him back and suggesting ways forward.

Now, with regular coaching, he is looking at options, making plans – and taking steps…

Back to you. Do you have a dream you’d like to realise?

The Systemic Constellations process helps establish the clarity from which to make that crucial decision. Regular coaching sessions help you stay on track.

Ready to make that dream your reality? Get in touch with me. I can work with you wherever you are – from wherever I am.