Something for us strong women (and for men to enjoy)

I am wondering… how would you respond if out of the blue you were invited on a trip to a place that wasn’t on your list to visit?

It’s winter – and it’s cold and grey and dark. You are longing for sunny and 30 degree days. This trip promises exactly that. However…

You are busy creating – and this trip might slow you down.

You are loving nature and are living in the middle of the forest and working from a home office where ducks come to your back porch and roos visit you in the morning.

You are imagining a beach in Vietnam or maybe far north Queensland – this trip goes to a large industrial city in China.

How would you respond?

Remember, you are a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants. Could you be spontaneous? Would you be able to let go of your own agenda for a moment?

This is what happened to me.

Mid afternoon an SMS from Malcolm – a request for his passport number. Nothing more. I call him and find out that he needs to go to Shenzhen in a couple of days for a week to 10 days.

I put the phone down.

Hmmm – this means being alone in a big house in the forest for a while.

I get used to the idea to lug wood to keep the house warm by myself for 10 days. I am thinking of inviting a girlfriend to come and stay with me. Not sure though. I like to be alone sometimes.

In the evening Malcolm asks me casually whether I would like to join him on this trip. It would be warm there, he says.

Hmmm – this means what? My mind was blank for a while.

A flurry of thoughts followed.

Too busy. Don’t want to be stuck in a flat in a big city. Maybe the internet connection is better there? It’s crap here in the forest. Paying a flight to China just to keep on working on a computer is a bit expensive – and crazy.

Slowly it dawned on me. What if Malcolm would like my company there?

Could this be possible?

So, I asked him.

Yes, he said, he would like me to join him on this trip. We could roam the city together in the evening, he adds.

Hesitantly letting go of independence, roaming the city together sounded quite attractive.

Feeling honoured that he would want me there, even though he is so busy with what he is creating right now, becoming a bit softer, I said yes.

It’s quite hard to describe what happened afterwards. It felt like entering the feminine realm – a receptive and soft space that is a completely different kind of strength to that experienced earlier in the day.

Some kind of gentle and alive energy goes through your veins in that realm.

So, do you have a little story to share where you explored that sweet strength of femininity?

I would love to hear about it.

And, if you would like to find it but don’t know how? I am here to help.