Business consulting and personal growth intertwined – a glimpse into systemic exploration session

Yesterday I gave a 4 hour session over Skype.

Starting with strategic business consulting, it went on to resolve a personal block, and ended with defining tactics and next steps to take.

All this over a distance of 1,000s of kilometres and different time zones. Technology is amazing. You don’t need to be in the same room to be able to achieve great results.

The client has worked with me on many occasions over the last four years. A trust has been established.

It’s beautiful when this happens. The work can go deep and address core issues that can trip us up gain and again.

When this client booked the session I had a feeling I needed to leave the end time open ended. It’s the way he works, unrushed, and making sure he gets things before moving on.

It had happened before and good results had been achieved – yesterday was no difference.

A hairy topic, a struggle with a business issue that had been going on for the last three years.

Here is how the session went.

The first two hours were spent in defining a good outcome and looking at options on how to get there. By asking a lot of questions the client found his own solutions.

We made good progress – and it looked like he had come up with good and clear actions to take.

However – just as we were wrapping up and tested the likelihood of all these good solutions being implemented – the monster rose its head.

The good work we had done was dissipating into a fog of a personal dilemma he had been struggling with most of his life.

On the session went.

We took a short break, got the figures out, and ‘set up a constellation’ to externalise the inner image he had been carrying in his unconscious mind.

A deeply ingrained pattern that seemed to have been established itself in a previous generation surfaced.

To this day it was compromising this business man’s decision making.

Seeing and acknowledging the source of this pattern enabled him to let it go to its rightful place. He found support in another, more life affirming resource.

Success did not need to be sabotaged anymore.

This was a good place to be – more confidence in being able to put into action the solutions found earlier in the session.

A bit more talking about tactics and next steps to take – and the session was finished.

So, that’s Systemic Constellations – disentangling the hairy issues that stop success.

Results on all levels.

Feel intrigued? Want to know more about Systemic Constellations and how it could help you get that result you are hanging out for? I look forward to hearing from you.